Use-case Ideas

Some potenial use-case ideas:

  • Swap

    • User puts in 1 NFT and gets back 1

    • Could be used to get rid of bad NFTs in the collection

    • Could be used to swap 2d NFTs for 3d

  • Merge

    • Merge N NFTs into up to 3 new ones

    • Could be used to decrease collection size

  • Split

    • Split an existing NFT into up to 3 new ones

    • Could be used to increase collection size

    • Could be used to split NFTs into semi fungibles according to new mplex standard (then the limit of 3 doesnโ€™t apply)

  • Breed

    • User puts in N NFTs, then gets back the original N + up to 3 new ones

    • Could be used to produce gen2 NFTs from gen1

  • Burn

  • Get creative

    • Project creates 1st mutation: require 3 NFTs from collection in return for a redemption token

      • User puts in 3 NFTs > gets back a redemption token

      • An off-chain script reads the traits > reshuffles between the 3 > produces a new set of traits thatโ€™s mix of original 3 > mints NFT

    • Project creates a 2nd mutation: require 1 redemption token in return for new NFT

      • User put in redemption token > get the new, remixed NFT back

  • Escrow

    • This was not an initially intended use-case but turned out to be possible!

    • Trader 1 creates a mutation that requires Trader 2 to upload Mint X. In return he promises Mint Y. He configures the mutation to change vault owner.

    • Trader 2 uploads Mint X, gets back mint Y.

    • Trader 1 now controls the vault with Mint X and can safely retrieve it.

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