Get Started

Out of the Box Option

Gem Bank + Gem Farm are now fully deployed on all 3 networks: mainnet, devnet, testnet.
The addresses are:
bank = bankHHdqMuaaST4qQk6mkzxGeKPHWmqdgor6Gs8r88m
farm = farmL4xeBFVXJqtfxCzU9b28QACM7E2W2ctT6epAjvE
There is also now a front-end app you can use to interact with the programs - here.
Gem Farm charges a one-off creation fee of 2.5 SOL per farm and 0.01 SOL per farmer. It also charges 0.002 per each stake/unstake call (half of that for flash deposits).
That's $250 per farm, $1 per farmer, and $0.20 cents per stake/unstake, given SOL at $100. I think this is reasonable.
Gem Farm is a relatively complex piece of software, so you'll have to do some reading:
Gem Bank 🏦
Gem Farm 🧑‍🌾
1 Read the docs
​Bank docs​
​Farm docs​
2 Check out the architecture
​Bank architecture​
​Farm architecture​
3 Watch the walkthrough
​Bank walkthrough​
​Farm walkthrough​
Note that when interacting with the deployed front-end there is currently no notification system built-in. However, the app is very verbose and prints everything it's doing to the console - just hit CMD-SHIFT-I in Chrome or Brave (or google how to open console in your own browser) - and follow the messages there.
Also note that the front-end is really there for you as the NFT project lead. For your own stakers you should probably build a nicer one.
You don't need a rust
developer for that. You just need someone who can do front-end (js/ts + any of: react, vue, svelte).

Roll Your Own Option

Gem Farm is 100% open source so you can fork it / customize it to your own needs.
Note that deploying your own version on mainnet will cost you ~20 SOL. If you decide to do it - follow the README in the repo.
Also please note - neither of the 2 options (but especially the latter) include support. Read the docs and watch the videos - they have everything you'll need.