Transmuter is a simple program designed to help NFT projects exchange old NFTs for new. If you're familiar with token entangler - it's kinda like that, but on steroids.

IMPORTANT: as it currently stands, Transmuter is unaudited software. We're looking for community members to help review the protocol, or projects to help fund a professional audit.


  • Anyone can create a Transmuter. Think of the Transmuter as the "factory" contract that spawns Mutations

  • Mutations is where the action happens. Each Mutation defines a specific exchange of old NFTs for new ones

  • You can have any number of Mutations under 1 Transmuter

  • Why would you want more Transmuters than 1? Because each Transmuter stores only 3 banks (solana limitations). This means all Mutations created under this Transmuter also use these 3 banks. Will explain more below

  • Just like with Gem Bank and Gem Farm - there's a ton of knobs you can turn to configure the Mutations to your needs

Deployment & Fees

Transmuter is officially deployed at:


across all 3: mainnet, devnet, testnet.

It collects a small fee of 1.5 SOL per transmuter and 0.1 per mutation. We think it's reasonable given all the work that went into it. If you'd like, you can always fork and deploy your own version.

Deploying your own version will cost ~15SOL.

React Front-End

Transmuter comes with a fully fledged React front-end you can find here.

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